Multiple Warehouse Fulfillment

Expanding your selling horizons via multiple warehouses helps cater to consumers quickly, ensuring customer retention. EasyEcom connects your digital stores with all the warehouses, handles inventory aggregation, enables order routing and splitting while also managing customer data aggregation.

Warehouse management

Drive Growth through Faster Shipments

With the expansion of business, increases the complexities of managing it efficiently. You need to have a technology that can streamline the business process so that you can concentrate on the most important thing for a business owner and that is growing your business. When you deal with the fast paced business world, you need to have competitive edge over your competition with faster delivery, best price and robust analytics.

Reduce time involved in order fulfillment

The system re-routes and splits orders for multiple warehouses based on inventory availability and the warehouse distance from the customer location. You can also make use of the advanced shipping rules to automatically assign a carrier partner, thereby reducing the time involvement per order fulfillment significantly.

Connect Online Stores with Multiple Warehouses

EasyEcom seamlessly connects online stores built on Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Hybris, etc with your warehouses in addition to the option of integrating your native WMS.

Aggregate Inventory Across Warehouses

With the EasyEcom system, you can aggregate inventory across your warehouses that will, in turn, increase your overall exposure. Experience zero stockouts and ensure timely fulfillment.

Automatic Smart Order Assignment to carrier partners

You can prioritize carrier partners and set advanced shipping rules that best fit requirements like selecting a carrier country/state/zip code-wise, or based on order volumes, order quantity, weight, and price. Order will be shipped via the carrier partner that meets the shipping rules you have defined in the system.

Warehouse management
Warehouse management

Automated and Efficient Order Routing

The system assigns the order to the nearest warehouse from the customer’s location. Order routing ensures that the customer order is fulfilled in the shortest duration possible with the lowest amount of shipping charges.

Order Splitting

The system gives you the option to split orders with multiple items into sub-orders based on inventory availability. These items are then shipped to customers as individual orders and ensures that your customers receive some of the order items on time while you prepare to send the rest. 

Warehouse management

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