Multiple Warehouses for Omni channel business

A business spread across multiple warehouses helps cater to consumers quickly, and hence drive loyalty. EasyEcom acts as a backbone and connects online stores with all the warehouses, handles inventory aggregation, order routing, and customer data aggregation.

Why EasyEcom

Drive Growth through Faster Shipments

Now fulfil orders locally and drive repeat purchase through increased customer satisfaction. Deploy EasyEcom WMS or integrate your native WMS with EasyEcom backbone

Inventory Aggregation Across Warehouses

Increase inventory exposure by aggregating inventory from all the warehouses. No more stock outs while inventory lies idle in another warehouse

Balance fulfillment load during peak season

Avoid excessive delays in fulfilment during high demand days by re-routing to another warehouse. Similar tech stack as used by tech giants like Amazon

Connect Online Stores with Multiple Warehouses

EasyEcom backbone helps connect online stores built with Magento, Shopify, OpenCart, Hybris, etc with multiple warehouses. You can even integrate native WMS with the backbone

Why EasyEcom

Happy Customers

What the clients have to say?

Shaving Station

Our business expanded 300% after deploying EasyEcom solution to manage our eCommerce sales across Shopify store and marketplace channels like Amazon, Flipkart etc. Excellent solution at affordable pricing, comes with the best after sales service experience

Shaving Station

We have a huge volume of orders. Needed something reliable and secure. EasyEcom helped us integrate all our warehouses with Magento store as well provided us one stop integration with all shipping carriers like FedEx. Our man power requirement went down by 30% within 2 months of deployment.


Fulfil eCommerce orders from multiple locations

Expose inventory from your brick and mortar stores or selected warehouses to your eCommerce channels. Experience increased inventory turnover for stores and efficient fulfilment.

Aggregate inventory Across Online & Offline Channels

Brands tend to segregate inventory channel wise, that locks up working capital and hence an additional burden on low margin retail business. With EasyEcom solution, companies can now merge their multi-channel business into a common backbone.

Omni-channel enabled EasyEcom platform aggregates inventory from across offline stores, multiple warehouses and expose to channels like Amazon / Etsy etc. Store and eCommerce integration drives sales and inventory turnover, hence boosting profitability.

WoW manages their multiple warehouses through EasyEcom. Read their success story here.

Centralized Inventory planning

Analyze stock levels and demand location-wise and manage inventory centrally. Create stock transfer order, purchase orders (PO) and synch data with accounting packages like Quickbooks.

Grow with EasyEcom omni channel platform

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