Comprehensive Business Reporting & Analytics

EasyEcom advanced data analytics provides comprehensive business report as well as channel wise break down. The tax report provides exact tax to be paid. Inventory management report provides forecasting, demand outlook to boost the business.

Why EasyEcom

Make your data work for you

One analytics solution for your entire organisation. Confidently monitor, explore and share insights from your data. EasyEcom helps automate your business processes through an enterprise grade technology platform, that was earlier available to only large companies with millions in IT budget.

Complete Sales & Return Report

Get the complete sales and returns data across all channels in a single report. With the advanced data analytics the reports give you an complete insight of the business health.

Strong Inventory Analytics

One of the major cost a retail brand carries is the inventory. Thorough analysis and planning is absolutely must. EasyEcom provides in-depth predictive analysis report showing sales trend and matching that to channel level demand.

Grow with EasyEcom omni channel platform

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