Procurement is one of the most essential functions of any business. On time order placement, inventory forecasting, PO generation, Vendor management are some of the highlights of the procurement management module of EasyEcom.

Why EasyEcom

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The procurement management module is designed keeping in mind the challenges faced by the brands in maintaining a robust supply chain management. The advanced data analytics helps streamline the business.

Purchase Order Generation

With the entire catalog from every channel synced in the system, purchase order generation becomes easier and faster.

Vendor Management

The WMS provides self signup and vendor registration option that creates a centralised vendor database. It helps in assigning PO and placing orders.

Replishment Automation

Demand planning for various channels gets automated using self-learning algorithms. Accurate forecasting helps avoid expensive stockouts or inventory overstocking.

Why EasyEcom

Happy Customers

What the clients have to say?

Killer Jeans

We used logic ERP before and it did not support eCommerce. With EasyEcom, our inventory turnover ratio has improved by around 25% and volumes have grown 150% over the period of 18 months.

Killer Jeans
CrystalArc - National distributor for Casio

We carry expensive items in our inventory. That doesn’t allow us to segregate eCommerce inventory. EasyEcom helped establish the shared inventory process for our company across all the sales channels. Excellent product with world class service.

CrystalArc – National distributor for Casio

Back Ordering

While dealing with back ordering, it’s necessary to have a strong procurement and supply chain. EasyEcom lets you fulfil back ordering by showing a separate list of orders that need to be procured.

Manage Purchase Orders

Brands struggle with the length of the process involved in generating a purchase order as well as when any modification is required on the same. EasyEcom provides a purchase order generation as well as management tool which helps in accepting, rejecting or modifying the purchase order in a hassle free manner.

Accurate Inventory Forecasting & Automate Purchasing

EasyEcom aggregates all inventory across channels and helps brands optimise the purchasing. No need to manage large spreadsheets and complex formulae for inventory planning.

With proper demand planing, brands have experienced 98% decrease in their stock outs and 85% improvement in overstocking errors.

EasyEcom Purchasing Automation

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