Automated Tax Engine & ERP Integration

Large and medium sized businesses use separate applications to run their businesses. The major areas that need to converge amongst these applications are Accounting, Financial and Inventory information. To meet the challenges of the new business environment, information systems need to communicate with each other as seamlessly as possible, provide right-time visibility of transactions across the entire enterprise, and be flexible enough to accommodate the changing structure of the business. When a large piece of information needs to be shared across traditional business boundaries, the way you integrate your systems and processes becomes one of the most important priorities for the business. 

Why EasyEcom

Automate Accounting

EasyEcom helps automate the entire invoicing and tax calculation process with the state of the art tax engine. Auto generation of invoices, credit notes, and purchase orders streamline the accounting system while eliminating the manual intervention.

Automated Tax Engine

EasyEcom lets you handle the business while taking care of the entire accounting part. The invoices are generated and the tax is calculated accurately for every order processed in the system.

ERP Integration

EasyEcom has integration with all the major accounting ERP solutions to enable a seamless transfer of data. The fully automated integration transfers data faster, at the click of a button.

Tax Report & Reconciliation

For every order entered in the panel, an invoice is generated in the system. Similarly, for every return marked in the system, one credit note is generated. The tax report reflects the amount of tax to be paid and credit to be claimed. The reconciliation report is very helpful in compliance issues and saves time and money.

Why EasyEcom

Happy Customers

What the clients have to say?

Killer Jeans

We used logic ERP before and it did not support eCommerce. With EasyEcom, our inventory turnover ratio has improved by around 25% and volumes have grown 150% over the period of 18 months.

Killer Jeans
CrystalArc - National distributor for Casio

We carry expensive items in our inventory. That doesn’t allow us to segregate eCommerce inventory. EasyEcom helped establish the shared inventory process for our company across all the sales channels. Excellent product with world class service.

CrystalArc – National distributor for Casio

Manage Invoices & Credit Notes

EasyEcom provides a simplified panel to edit and create invoices. It eliminates the requirement of managing different accounting tools to geenrate invoices and credit notes.

Manage POS Sales

The crucial feature of a good POS system is software integration with your accounting operating system. Through EasyEcom, POS system the offline business can be integrated with your online channels, thereby having a consolidated tax report and accounting process.

Consolidated Tax Report

EasyEcom aggregates all the sales and returns across channels and helps brands calculate the tax. No need to manage large spreadsheets and complex formulae for tax calculation.

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