Shaving Station

Shaving Station


Bengaluru, Karnataka


11-50 Employees


About Shaving Station :

Shaving Station was created to meet the necessity of the healthiest and cleanest shaves for the men of this world.Shaving Station comes from Fit & Glow, an established Bangalore-based company focused on health, beauty, skincare and wellness products. Only organic and plant-derived ingredients. Only the finest seed oils and essential oils as key actives that enhance health. They have a wide range of products to ensure that the customer get not just the best possible shave every single day but the skin too looks clean, clear and bright.

When the brand started to expand to multiple channels along with retail outlets, they faced with a challenge to have a updated stock list which resulted in frequent stock outs and they were forced to give discounts and offers to keep the customer happy and satisfied. These offers started to hit their bottomline. So they started to look for a real time inventory management solution to reduce stock outs.

Channels :

  • Online Marketplaces (Amazon, Ebay etc)
  • Wholesale
  • POS

Problems Faced :

  • Fill ratio was at a very low percentage for wholesale order fulfilment
  • SCM for wholesale orders was very problematic and time consuming due to gap in processes.
  • Frequent stock out items forced to give discounts and offers to pacify the agitated customers and it hampered their ratings and order volume as well.

Benefits for shifting to EasyEcom :

Easyecom provided an integrated platform for wholesale order management along with all the other sales channels such as POS, Online business which helped in getting a real-time stock update report for all the team as well as the customers. The wholesale management system improved the fill ratio to 98% for all the orders placed. It helped optimise resources and utilise them in growing the business rather than firefighting. With almost zero cancellation due to stock outs enhanced the rating and hence a better sales through online channels. Less cancellation also lead to reduced compensation being given which improved the bottom-line of the business.

As Mr Akash, COO, Shaving Station explains, “We were struggling with our inventory management for a long time with so many channels we targeted. Frequent stock outs also were pushing our delivery timelines longer. We searched for a solution who can provide us the integration of all the channels we are working on. EasyEcom has provided us just the right solution we were looking at. Our operations are streamlined now and we are more focused on adding new avenues for growth rather than worrying about the stock outs. We are much more confident as a company now to fulfil the orders that we get without the fear of stock outs. ”

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