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About the Company

Started off as a small B2C ethnic consumer brand for women in 2016, Rust Orange has become one of the fastest-growing fashion brands in the eCommerce industry.  

The company started as the developer of a discovery platform specifically designed to look for local offline apparel stores. 

Their platform offered an online search engine and provided a listing of fashion and clothing stores in India, enabling users to discover and explore local fashion and apparel in offline stores. In the past few years, Rust Orange has emerged as an independent clothing store operating across multiple eCommerce channels. The platform offers women's clothing from local designers all over the country. 

Rust Orange Needed a Robust System to Accommodate their rising eCommerce growth 

Ever since conception, Rust Orange had managed all the eCommerce operations on their own. They were designing, sampling, marketing, and even managing their inventory. The brand focused on developing an in-house ERP product that could take care of all of their day-to-day operations and they did use a home-grown system briefly. However, as their business started expanding, it was tough to manage everything, and the need for a robust system that could streamline their eCommerce activities started rising. Some of the major eCommerce challenges that the clothing brand was facing at the time included the following:

  • Limited Workforce: Rust Orange was struggling with the lack of manpower to operate their business. After going digital, the order numbers shot up and so did the operational hours. The order volume grew by over 60% and it was getting difficult for them to effectively process them all. The company needed more hands to streamline the business.
  • Needed a second warehouse as the company grew: With the abundance of orders at their disposal, it was getting difficult for Rust Orange to maintain their inventory in a single warehouse. They needed an additional warehouse and then a system to manage both the warehouses efficiently.

  • Flat Rate Shipping: The clothing brand was selling the products following a flat rate shipping method. For all of their products, single, combo, and bulk alike, the shipping charges remained the same which added astronomically to their operational costs. As the shipping charges were skyrocketing, the profit margins were exponentially shrinking.
  • Difficult Order Processing: There was no system in place for separately processing the orders, which was making it difficult to create a workflow to manage a larger volume of orders. To top the adversity, the flat shipping rate brought in additional costs for multiple and bulk orders.

  • Delayed Shipments: Since Rust Orange only had a single warehouse, the cases of delayed shipments started rising. It led to more customer cancellations and further added to their already high shipment costs.
  • Return and Payment Tracking: Much like any eCommerce brand, Rust Orange was no stranger to returns. However, they were not able to track returns on time without a proper system in place. Additionally, no payment tracking and COD reconciliation process reduced their profits even further. The flat shipping rate along with no effective way to track returns and payments were snowballing into a catastrophe for the business.

EasyEcom Crossed Every Requirement on Rust Oranges’s Checklist

Rust Orange needed a platform with Flipkart Smart and Amazon Seller Flex integrations along with the options to connect with all the other major eCommerce players. Moreover, the brand needed to quickly fix the larger issues at hand including their over-the-top operational costs, order processing fulfillment, inventory visibility, payment tracking, reconciliation along some other smaller loose ends. 

EasyEcom fit right into their checklist. Starting with their basic requirements, we moved on to implement specifics to align with their current business model. 

  • Inventory sync across marketplaces: Syncing inventory across different marketplaces was a major requirement for Rust Orange and that’s what we started with. Inventory syncing saved them a lot of pick and pack errors, manual labor, and helped avoid situations like overselling since the stocks were getting properly monitored now. Upon streamlining inventory management across channels, we moved on to order routing.
  • Reduced Shipping Charges: Shipping issues counted for one of the major stumbling blocks for Rust Orange and straightening that out knocked off some of the other issues that followed the suite. We implemented order routing between warehouses that prevented shipping delays. This, in turn, helped reduce order cancellations. Order spitting and routing together cut down the shipping charges significantly. 

  • Easy Order Processing: Rust Orange was following a flat shipping rate and was paying extra for shipping charges. In order to avoid these extra charges, track orders, and avoid duplications, they needed an order splitting routine. Our system automatically split their orders and processed them separately. This way, Rust Orange could handle multiple orders without having to pay extra and tracking became a piece of cake. Furthermore, the complete invoicing, taxation handling, shipment generation, and order tracking are handled from within the dashboard.
  • Shipping Carrier Automation: Rust Orange was working with a few shipping partners but the process was still tedious. We implemented AI-based dynamic shipping rules that automated the shipping partner assignment, enhanced the customer experience, and minimized the shipping costs. Shipping automation saved them a lot of time and prevented delays, hence, creating trust among their customers.
  • QC Implementation: We inserted a QC layer in the system that allowed the team to do quality control for all COD orders. This brought down their RTO to a remarkably low count making it a win-win situation for their customers and Rust Orange’s reputation.

Within a few months of onboarding with EasyEcom, Rust Orange witnessed a 300% increase in market exposure and massive business growth. EasyEcom streamlined their day-to-day eCommerce activities while also cutting operational costs throughout the supply chain. 


“We had been working on designing, sampling, production, digital management, and everything on our own. We had an in-house ERP product but it was not integrated into different marketplaces. We were working with different vendors and we needed a product with Flipkart Smart and Amazon Seller Flex integration that would sync our inventory across channels. We looked for different products and zeroed down on EasyEcom as it came closest to what we were looking for. Collaborating with EasyEcom has helped streamline our business processes. Basically, except for marketing and development, EasyEcom takes care of everything eCommerce for us.”

Shashank Agnihotri

Co-founder, Rust Orange

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