Just Watches Credits Warehousing Management for Raising Operational Efficiency by 70%

About Just Watches

Just Watches is a watches retailer that sells luxury watch brands in India. It was launched in 2009 by Mr. Shailesh and Mrs. Manisha Sangani, the duo behind the Just Lifestyle Private Limited company. The first store outlet opened in New Delhi with its presence expanding to 76 stores in 39 cities as of 2022. Just Watches features Armani, Versace, Aspen and much more- making it a timepiece connoisseur’s dream!

Order Processing and Fulfillment- the Challenge.

Operating predominantly as an offline retailer,  the footfall to Just Watches outlets took a hit in 2020 due to the pandemic. The brand decided to implement an omnichannel strategy via online inventory management where their online orders could be fulfilled using physical storefronts. 

There were challenges in shifting the entire operation online, starting with getting buy-in for the transition. Just Watches previously relied on excel, which intensified the manual effort involved to allocate orders. The operations team wound up spending most of their time on correcting and rerouting orders.

In going online, the company wanted to meet its objectives of:

  1. Offering customers a consistent shopping experience in omnichannel mode.
  2. Adopting a change-ready mindset from a sales perspective.
  3. Centralizing warehousing operations when orders were processed from numerous stores.
  4. Syncing offline and online store information with respect to item availability and location.
  5. Integrating their courier partner onto a platform to receive real-time order status updates.


Collaborating with EasyEcom

Having EasyEcom helped Just Watches make the transition to an eStore easier and more streamlined for the end store manager level. EasyEcom became the in-between party in making the process efficient. The Point-of-Sale (PoS) system from individual Just Watches stores exports inventory in an Excel format onto the EasyEcom platform as an FTP file. This feed is picked up by EasyEcom and updated onto the marketplace, indicating actual product availability by location.

Since being boarded onto the platform in 2021, Just Watches is able to:

  1. Open a single panel to view order allocations by store and determine whether it’s a website or marketplace order.
  2. Reroute orders to the right location.
  3. Witness a 40% increment in sales over the course of 120 days.
  4. Improve and increase operational efficiency from 35% to 70% in 180 days.

Warehousing Management and Order Processing- The EasyEcom Solution

Before EasyEcom, Just Watches was experiencing a slump in time and operational efficiency. Store managers had to open four panels before transitioning to a single panel on a dashboard that automatically allocates and reroutes orders, saving time in the back-and-forth that would otherwise have ensued.

Vamaship, the aforementioned courier service, is now integrated into the EasyEcom platform. This helps Just Watches see where the order has been allocated once it has been placed via the website. The operations team can print the label and generate manifests directly. Thanks to the shipper integration, the courier partner is immediately notified and assigned when orders come from a specific store.  The platform has also made it easy to process order returns and replacements online.

As a predominantly offline retailer, Just Watches struggled to take the company online in omni mode. We needed a solution that would help us stay both time and operationally efficient. After going onboard EasyEcom, our operational efficiency improved by 70%, with a 40% increment in sales growth as well. We credit this to being able to open a single panel to allocate and reroute orders, which saves us the hop, skip and jump!” 

Aditi Sangani, 

Director, Just Watches

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