How The EasyEcom AI-WMS Boosted Relaxo Footwear’s Inventory Accuracy by 100%.


Relaxo is an iconic behemoth in the domestic footwear manufacturing market in India. The brothers Ramesh Kumar Dua and Mukund Lal Dua forayed into footwear with a seed capital of INR 10K in the 1970’s, growing it into a multibillion empire over four decades. 

As a category leader in slippers, sandals and athletic wear, Relaxo has something for everyone- with the products Relaxo, Sparx, Flite and Bahamas making the manufacturer synonymous with style and comfort. The company was founded by 

Reporting a 7% YoY rise in revenue from ‘2022 to present-day,  the company has a strong omnichannel presence, operating a 350+ network of offline retail outlets pan-India as well as on eCommerce marketplaces and its native website.

Relaxo Footwears Highlights

Inventory Mismanagement and Order Picking Woes

Relaxo operates a 3PL warehouse with Alexis Global for its export business. With 20+ warehouses across the country and surging offline and eCommerce order volume, the absence of a WMS system was marked by the significant challenges in managing inward and outward processes, with the company 

  1. Spending more time on manually-intensive processes such as PO/ASN creation.
  2. Missing critical ERP integrations that blocked inventory, sales and order performance.
  3. Unserialized inventory consuming team bandwidth and leading to picking inefficiency. 
  4. Being unable to mark outward inventory movement on the First Manufacturing First out [FMFO] principle.

The Impact of Automated Warehouse Management - Deploying EasyEcom

The EasyEcom AI-powered warehouse management solution restored Relaxo’s confidence by providing custom process flows engineered to free up resources from the tedium of labor-intensive workflows. 

The solutioning experts examined existing processes and proposed a 5% additional customization to inwarding workflows, beginning with

  1. Creating a data flow from SAP to the EasyEcom system for Purchase Orders and ASN.
  2. Automating the GRN and Putaway process via EasyEcom to support multi batch codes on a single shelf.
  3. Serial number and batch code validation to ensure warehouse teams are able to complete the GRN.
  4. The EasyEcom system assigns inventory against orders with a FMFO sorting mechanism for B2B orders.
  5. The picking and order processing is done accurately through EasyEcom with warehouse teams referencing the picklist prior to sending order delivery and dispatch information to SAP.
  6. On the ground, the team can scan items and generate invoices through EasyEcom.

Key Achievements

Configuring inwarding and outwarding resulted in Relaxo

  • Achieving highly efficient inventory throughput with 100% First Expiry First out maintained due to serialized inventory.
  • Syncing data flows between EasyEcom and SAP for increased visibility and transparency.
  • Gaining usage confidence within 3 days of being onboarded.
  • Lowering manpower costs by 15% on account of taking out manual efforts.
  • 100% inventory accuracy with Zero delay order dispatches.  
  • >99% bin-level accuracy contributing to a 100% productivity boost from the picker team.

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