How RSH Global’s Ship Velocity Increased by 88% with The EasyEcom Operating System


Joy Personal Care is one of three unique brands operating under the umbrella of holdings by the RSH Global company, a leading conglomerate of organic beauty and personal care products. The brand has come a long way since its humble beginnings in Kolkata 35 years ago, expanding its presence to 25+ countries globally through eCommerce excellence and exceptional leadership. 

Fast forward to present day, the RSH Global group is the only Indian-led first-generation company making it to the top five lists for several products across personal care. The company runs its operations out of 4 warehouses spread across Kolkata, Maharashtra, U.P and Bengaluru.

The High Cost of Low Order Fulfillment Rates: The Challenge

With the pandemic encouraging the shift to online buying, RSH global realized that relying on offline sales as the primary channel wouldn’t position the company for financial and operational growth. The company’s decision to take the omnichannel approach opened their eyes to operational inefficiencies fueled by

  1. Out-of-sync inventory with a high error rate, increasing working capital.
  2. The continued reliance on multiple portals for order processing which breached SLA by adding a 120-minute delay to shipping time.
  3. Miscalculated taxation which drove up payment liabilities.
RSH Global Highlights

How The EasyEcom Automated Order Management Solution Reduced Working Capital

In the bid to drive sales growth, the company decided to capitalize on the eCommerce boom coming onboard the EasyEcom system. 

With 200+ items featured across the marketplace behemoths including Flipkart and Amazon, the omnichannel approach enabled  RSH Global to keep a close eye on product performance by brand. 

In creating a new account for Joy Personal care, the company succeeded in

  1. Improving weekly counting accuracy by 97.99% with automated inventory cycle counts.
  2.  Accelerating order processing times for 1000+ daily orders by ~9x with a centralized dashboard that instantly uploads and displays order information by marketplace source.
  3. Saving over 90 minutes per TTD (Time-to-Dispatch) and increasing ship velocity by 88% thanks to auto-order identification, label and manifest generation
  4.  Saving INR 30 Lakhs in inventory working capital with stock status and expiry reports.
  5. Saving time in determining total item quantities and reserving them to fulfill orders, shortening fulfillment time.
  1. Managing B2C orders by marketplace, order volume and customer location and mapping them across multiple warehouses, reducing fulfillment time and increasing delivery accuracy. 
  2. Experiencing a 3x growth in beauty gift hampers for festive online sales over a 35-day period.
  3. Saving 40% order picking time with SKU handheld barcode scanning.

In the eCommerce Officer’s Words,

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