How MyMuse Sold 50% More and Upscaled Order Management 2.5x with EasyEcom


MyMuse is India’s first bedroom essentials brand that seeks to break taboos around sexual wellness and intimacy. Founded in 2020 by the bold and enterprising couple Anushka and Sahil Gupta, MyMuse was a thought that came to them to help people rekindle intimacy, regain confidence and stay sex-positive. The launch of their topline products came at a time when lockdown was in full swing, offering partners in romantic relationships more opportunities to explore sensual wellness and discover pleasure.

Operating out of Mumbai, the brand has been wholeheartedly welcomed for breaking the silence over a topic  that is still widely viewed as taboo, one pulse vibrator at a time!

Order Processing and Management- The Challenge

As a private company venturing into a niche previously untapped and unstructured, MyMuse experienced significant challenges in

  1. Carrying out effective product promotions.
  2. Processing <100 daily orders a month manually, amounting to ~2K orders.
  3. Dependence on Pickrr for updates which indicated partial information on SKU and quantity for picking sans location identification.
  4. Inability to identify individual components of bundled and combo orders, resulting in SLA breaches.
  5. Lack of a system that offered absolute visibility on inwarding and outwarding operations.

The brand previously tied up with multiple channel partners to maintain their inventory and order processing but still experienced issues in a picklist that contained the necessary details for accurate order processing and fulfillment.

MyMuse Bedroom Essentials Highlights

How MyMuse’s Order Volume grew 2.5x times in 6 months with the EasyEcom Order Management Solution

As a brand whose website receives the lion’s share of orders and Amazon and Nykaa tied in together at a close second, MyMuse was sold on the idea of automated eCommerce the minute it became clear that continuing with manually-intensive processes would slow down operations and create more errors and inaccuracies. As several products are sold in bundles, the one must-have feature MyMuse was after was a physical combo kitting function.

With EasyEcom, the brand succeeded in enhancing order processing capabilities for both B2B and B2C orders. The operations team experienced better efficiency in a constrained bandwidth by being in receipt of picklists that contained complete order information, which in turn contributed to 

  1. 100% order processing accuracy for both B2B and B2C orders.
  2. An uptick in order volume by ~2.5x from December ‘22 to May ‘23.
  3. 100% reduction in human error with bin-level inventory accuracy.
  4. Readying 350+ orders in 12 hours and less for same-day shipping.
  5. Instant inventory uploading and mapping to the system which enabled orders received to flow seamlessly.
  6. Streamlined shipping processes through automatic API integrations with leading courier partners.
  7. 100% SLA compliance with system scans to confirm packing and labeling correctness.

Read it in MyMuse’s own words,

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