How Ministry Of Nuts’s Omnichannel Seasonal Sales Grew 3X Times in 6 Months


The Ministry of Nuts is a young D2C snacking brand launched in November 2020 under the name SellPro Commerce Pvt Ltd that made its online debut in May 2021. The company was founded by Ravi Dubey, a computer science graduate who previously held managerial roles at several leading digital marketing agencies before diving into the food and beverages sector. 

The Ministry of Nuts’s goal is to meet the nation’s collective demand for healthier snacking options by promoting an affordable and diverse product range that adds to the growth of the food and beverages sector. The team’s home base is in Andheri, Mumbai comprising 50 members and boasts 150 unique SKUs across highest quality premium nuts, nut butters, dried fruits and berries, and gift package hampers.

 The Challenge-  Time and Cost Efficiency Gaps

The Ministry of Nuts primarily operates out of Andheri and uses Pickrr’s fulfillment services across New Delhi, Bengaluru,Hyderabad,  Kolkata, Chennai and Thane.

As a young brand going up against established giants with deeper pockets,  the Ministry of Nuts cut in on the action through their digital positioning strategy. They began selling through their Shopify storefront which received ~90% of orders during the company’s maiden Diwali in 2021, and continues to serve till date as their native website. When they hit a run rate of 500, the brand made the decision to diversify to multi-marketplaces such as Amazon, Paytm, Flipkart and Snapdeal in 6 months which saw an immediate rise in order volume and sales. 

The seasonal sales distribution pie saw Amazon accounting for 8-9% of marketplace orders,with Flipkart and Paytm accounting for 2-3%. The daily orders received on platforms grew to 100 during festive sales.

When orders crossed 1500, it became painfully clear that manual tasks would need to be automated if the brand was to stay time-efficient and reach its fullest potential. Sans an automated eCommerce enablement solution, the brand was plagued by the following challenges;

  1. The inability to track, review and update inventory
  2. Measure SKU performance to optimize the inventory, stock levels and storage.
  3. Minimize revenue loss arising from product spoilage and expiry. 
  4. Segment and create product categories due to unaccounted SKU proliferation
  5. Retain control of courier partners to maintain a system of record for all orders fulfilled.

How EasyEcom Boosted Operational Efficiency by 96%

The team ran a thorough search for an advanced eCommerce solution that not only took care of the challenges they faced then but forewarned them of risks and opportunities down the line. And that’s how they came in contact with EasyEcom. 
Post-onboarding, the numbers speak for themselves, with the team succeeding in

  1. Identifying, appending and modifying proliferated SKUs to map location-based stock availability with inventory counts performed.
  2. Integrating XpressBees intra-SDD (same-day-delivery) to achieve 99.99% order tracking and fulfillment accuracy. 
  3. Profiting from 100% sellable inventory through shelf expiry reports that prioritized and categorized products on their batch numbers and expiry dates.
  4. Saving ~50-55% man hours and 46% costs in warehousing operations.
  5. Reconciling marketplace fees, courier charges and deductions to ensure 100% accounting precision.
  6. Achieving a 3x times uptick in product sales within 6 months through multi-channel catalog visibility boost.
  7. 93% payment reconciliation and orders processing accuracy through Tally synced auto-generation of POs and order invoices.
  8. Automating product and carrier masters to select preferred couriers for quickest, guaranteed deliveries.

EasyEcom is a great software, and the best part about it is that it provides hassle-free integrations across marketplace, couriers, accounting, payment processing and overall operational activities. This has smoothened our processes, with productivity shooting up 50% while lowering our running costs by 44-46%. While snags are at a minimum, we’ve always felt supported through the account manager and technical team’s responsiveness and troubleshooting capabilities.” 

Sunny Makhija, 

Director & Strategy Head, Ministry of Nuts

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