How EasyEcom Helped The Sleep Company Achieve a 93% Boost in Order Delivery Commitment in 6 weeks


The Sleep Company is India’s answer to mindful rest. Founded by the dynamic duo Harshil Salot and Priyanka Goyal ~ 4 years ago, The Sleep Company produces mattresses, bedding and chairs purposed for comfort and quality. The D2C brand is the first domestic brand to use SmartGRID, a Japanese engineered hyper-elastic polymer in their products, and takes complete ownership of the production, manufacturing, packaging and delivery. 

The Sleep company is headquartered in Mumbai with a logistics presence in the metro cities of Delhi and Bengaluru, shipping pan-India while offering 100 nights of rest to its 1L+ consumers as a trial.

Managing Orders and Returns- The Challenge

As a company that sells through multiple offline stores and online channels including its  native website and marketplaces, the company faced several recurring issues that held them back from scaling up. The absence of a permanent fix resulted in

  1. Substandard inventory
  2. High count of mismanaged returns.
  3. Increased manpower costs.
  4. Siloed warehouse and inventory data that hid slow-moving stock from view.
  5. Delayed shipments as a result of backorders.

As a brand that offers try-and-buy, it was a given that return rates would be as high as 95%. But without quality-inspection, the returns process and inventory control would be adversely impacted. With demand picking up in line with celebrity endorsements, sales and marketing efforts, it became clear to the brand that continuing to rely on disparate and unconnected systems would impact their reputation while eating up more time and costs. 

The Sleep Company needed a solution that could enable them to set up processes on a centralized system to avoid disruptions to workflows while streamlining all aspects of the supply chain and logistics. 

Sleep Company Highlghts

Omnichannel Order Management- The EasyEcom Solution

The brand decided to invest in an omnichannel order and warehouse management solution that not only accommodates offline orders in addition to the current eCommerce model but also provisions for a multipart system (MPS) comprising everything- from manufacturing to delivery.

The previous process underwent a drastic transformation within 6 weeks of going live, with 

  1. A customized returns dashboard that introduced automated Quality-Compliance checks on returned products, ensuring high-quality inventory.
  2. 50% reduction in returns and shift to replacements. 
  3. 99.99% scorecard on inventory accuracy with rebalanced inventory.
  4. 93% increase in order delivery commitments with increased accountability at every stage of order management- from receiving to delivery.
  5. 47% reduction in labor utilization costs in two self-managed warehouses.
  6. 180 warehouse minutes saved per order through automated PO, invoicing and order processing.
  7. Mapping 6 offline outlets over 60 days which resulted in a 10% increase in monthly run-rate and 1.2x spike in sales growth for the SmartLuxe and SmartOrtho mattresses segment.
  8. Setting shipping rules for self-ship models to achieve a 75% increase in ship velocity.

As Karan Singla, from the COO’s desk puts it,

Sleep Company Testimonial

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