How EasyEcom Helped Paperboat Reach 99.8% Order Processing Accuracy


Hector Beverages is the parent company of Paperboat drinks, offering a range of juice flavors that recreate childhood and play on the nostalgic element for every Indian.The idea for the brand came to friends-turned-cofounders Suhas Misra, Neeraj Kakkar, Neeraj Biyani, James Nuttall during a roundtable brainstorming when Misra was sipping his mother’s homemade Aam panna.  

The brand sells both offline and online across grocery aisles, web store, marketplaces and social media. Paperboat enjoys a strong social media presence on Instagram and Meta, thanks to the illustrative storytelling they employ to engage with their audience.  At present their follower count crosses 300K and 120K respectively.  

Order Processing and Fulfillment- the Challenge

Having extensively done things by pen and paper and spreadsheets for ~5 years, Paperboat had gotten accustomed to different tools for different functions. But the challenges that surfaced in line with product expansion and diversification made the operations team realize that they were working with a siloed view on inwarding activities. Paperboat’s warehouse hub is located in Bengaluru and they deliver Pan-India. The team’s challenges primarily lay in 

  1. Processing orders and updating inventory.
  2. Generating and retrieving invoice details to verify billing.
  3. Generating labels, with a 45% mislabeling rate that created shipment errors.
  4. With the absence of marketplace integrations across those profitable sales channels that were making them money.
  5. Return rates running beyond the D2C market average of 5%.
Hector Beverages Growth in the Spotlight

How the EasyEcom Order Management System Tipped the Process Efficiency Scales

The team was at the center of a massive explosion in the average order volume when they realized the sensible and quicker approach was to automate order processing through an AI-driven order management system. Paperboat came onboard EasyEcom to put their omnichannel eCommerce strategy into action. They integrated their native website and marketplaces into EasyEcom to process orders and activate fulfillment processes.  The eCommerce operations team has succeeded in

  1. Streamlining high volume order processing with 100% accuracy.
  2. Maximizing seasonal profitability, with sales spiking 1400% dry fruits category sales in FY 22-23 compared with the previous fiscal year.
  3. Achieving an 81.4% ROI jump following the integration of Amazon seller model and Flipkart, followed by a 70% time efficiency recording, retrieving and downloading inventory data.
  4. A 3x jump in social sales with regional expansion announcements that ramped up distribution in general trade. 
  5. A 15% 3-month increase in offline sales during Diwali. 
  6. Product overhaul with an 80% inventory high-performing SKU load up.
  7. Utilizing the automated returns reconciliation tool to lower the rate of return to 2.5% in 28 days. 
What Asish Swain, Sr.Supply Chain Executive, has to say,


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