How EasyEcom Helped Gladful Unlock 70% Increased Order Volume in 90 days


Gladful is a young and spunky snacking brand that was launched into the market in 2021 by entrepreneurial siblings Parul and Manu Sharma.

The idea for Gladful was personal, stemming from a doctor’s visit which shockingly revealed to Parul that her young children were protein-deficient. The feedback made the intrepid entrepreneur realize that there was a nutrition knowledge gap that several parents like herself had. So in the interest of remedying this and ensuring growing children’s protein needs could be met through delicious recipes made with household staples, Parul and Manu put their brains together to found Gladful, an FSSAI-certified snacking DTC brand that specializes in protein-packed products across breakfast, desserts and gift boxes.

Gladful’s operations are helmed and overseen from Jaipur, while their promotional marketing and sales are based out of Gurgaon. 

Inaccuracies associated with manual order processing attempts- The Challenge

When Gladful moved past the research stage and hit production, they began receiving orders pan-India. The orders were managed through rudimentary Excel spreadsheets which were prone to error from continuous data overwrites. In the interest of customer-centricity, the team realized that manual order management would slow down operations and create unnecessary delays. 

The challenges experienced included

  1. Order inaccuracies and delayed shipments which created SLA-non-compliance.
  2. Lack of visibility into order processing workflows which resulted in missed orders and order picking errors.
  3. Loss of sales resulting from expired inventory.
  4. High return rates from erroneous deliveries.
Gladful highlights

The Solution: How The EasyEcom Order Management System Increased Order Fulfillment Accuracy 

Gladful made the decision to adopt an automated order management solution to streamline order processing and fulfillment operations while connecting its distributor network. As a company that sells using various eCommerce fulfillment models including dropshipping and inventory-based models, the migration to EasyEcom not only accommodated these but also offered Gladful expedience, driving timely shipments and exceeding customer expectations.

Through EasyEcom, Gladful succeeded in

  1. Gaining complete, uncompromised inventory visibility with routine notifications on stock levels per sales channel.
  2. Experiencing ~99.99% order processing accuracy for 7000+ orders, leading to a 30% sales growth during a promotional season.
  3. Recording a 70% increase in order volume in 7 months through automated order processing.
  4. Reconciling marketplace transactions received through Paytm and Cred with 100% accuracy.

In the words of Head of Operations at Gladful;

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