How EasyEcom Enabled a 5x Revenue Generation in 6 Months for Happilo International Pvt


Happilo is a healthy snacking brand based out of Bengaluru. Founded by Vikas Nahar and Anindya Sengupta who currently serves as Happilo’s CFO, the brand caters to a wide diaspora of businesses and customers and has been endorsed by celebrities like Kiara Advani and Sidharth Malhotra!

Happilo’s product range comprises a selection of nuts, berries, trail mixes, delectable spreads, brittles and seeds all crafted by decades of food science and technology experience in the endeavor to promote healthy guilt-free snacking. Besides their core warehouse located in Nelamangala in Bengaluru, the Happilo brand’s warehouses are distributed across Gurgaon and Yeshwantpur, their headquarters. Happilo was set up in 2016 to serve customers gourmet snack alternatives, which utilize dry roasted technology to prevent added oils and trans fats. The products are packaged with the intention of longer shelf-life, with close to a million packs getting dispatched month-on-month. 

Happilo is a tier-1 brand whose products are available in domestic airports across India, eCommerce and general trade stores. The company is launching 8 stores by investing in exclusive brand outlets (EBOs). Besides selling on their native D2C website, they also sell in multiple channels including Amazon, Shopify store and Flipkart.

The Challenges Brought On By Inventory Mismanagement 

Happilo previously managed B2B and B2C orders entirely manually which came with its own set of challenges, including

  1. Erroneous inventory cycle counts which led to stock imbalances across warehouses.
  2. Selling products that were unavailable in inventory on account of wrong real-time data.
  3. Missing insights on sales performance, order aging, and future demand.
  4. Inability to plan out inventory replenishment on account of missing sales projections and inventory history.
  5. Absence of a returns reconciliation module to restore undamaged items and update listings.
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How EasyEcom helped upscale Happilo’s eCommerce operations

Happilo came onboard the EasyEcom platform in May 2021. The decision to use automated omnichannel eCommerce software followed the need for access to app-based mobile warehouse management that could monitor and correct inventory fluctuations, thus freeing up working capital.

Over the course of 24 months, Happilo has succeeded in- 

  1. 97.99% inventory accuracy while performing cycle counts and shelf-to-shelf transfers  via the WMS app.
  2. Ensuring stock sufficiency at warehouse-levels prior to order confirmation.
  3. Procured and optimized 92% of inventory ahead of Q4’23 demand based on August to October order quantities.
  4. Processing 100% of return and cancelation shelving using the item-wise cancelation and returns reports.
  5. Boosting sales growth by 100% within 135 days.
  6. Generating 5x revenue in 180 days thanks to forecasting precision.
  7. Raising order value by 66% in October to December 2023 for gift packages comprising perishables such as dried nuts and fruit mixes. 
  8. Achieve 99.5% order fulfillment through shipping rules that unlocked access to cost-effective and dependable courier partners.
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