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Emiza is a tech-enabled 3PL primarily dealing with two distinct lines of business- Warehousing for SMEs and Less-than-truckload (LTL) distribution. While warehousing is catching up to speed, the LTL is a major pain area for companies in regional and tier 2,3 areas because of the highly fragmented nature of the market. 

Emiza was founded in 2015 and over the years the 3PL company has established its own network of hubs across India and operates through these hubs connecting part loads for its customers. In addition to this, Emiza also has its own last-mile fleet delivery system, connecting businesses with the end customers across the regional areas.  

The 3PL startup’s  LTL network allows companies with smaller loads to make timely deliveries to their end customers and at affordable prices. The company caters to both offline and online markets by providing a strong and reliable network for eCommerce deliveries, small and larger loads alike.

First 3PL to offer Amazon seller flex (FBA) from its own facility

The 3PL brand offers multi-client warehousing and state-of-the-art fulfillment solutions to customers operating via online and offline means.

Emiza is crowned to be the first 3PL company in India to offer Amazon seller flex (FBA) from its own facility. This allows Emiza customers to mint higher sales by listing their products under FBA while having it fulfilled from the 3PL company’s very own facility. 

Emiza offers multi-client serving facilities on both online and offline platforms that allow a greater level of operating efficiency and scaling opportunities to their SME customers. In a way, Emiza is helping budding SMEs with the warehouse, infrastructure, and fulfillment services that are required to grow business. 

Critical eCommerce Challenges

Some of the major challenges that the company faced were:

  • Managing individual seller accounts: Emiza deals with a lot of regional brands and independent sellers for bulk orders on a regular basis. The  creation and maintenance of inbound shipments was getting as it was all manually handled. On top of it, the order distribution for the brand was running on manual entries and the dispatch processes, too, were not automated which led to pick and pack errors and fulfillment delays. 
  • Lack of visibility into operations across warehouses: For a fast-growing company with a wide clientele, managing a network of warehouses can get taxing. The number of orders getting processed, procured, and shipped on a daily basis were huge, thereby, obscuring visibility into operations across warehouses.
  • Prediction systems for smart inventory placements are not easy to find. The 3PL company had no means for inventory prediction and management. Moreover, any unpredictable surge in the order volumes for different brands owing to increasing market demands, external factors like a global pandemic, etc made inventory forecasting difficult to project.
  • Payment reconciliation: Payment reconciliation was one of the major pain points for Emiza as well as their sellers. The 3PL brand tried out different tools and services but none of them came close to addressing the issue accurately.
  • Emiza needed a system that allowed efficient facility management for the staff of the teams across warehouses. They required a system that could assign different responsibilities to their staff at different facilities and also keep a track of it to ensure a structure within the organization.
  • Inventory Visibility and Stock Update for their Sellers: Emiza wanted a system that could not only address their challenges but also that of their sellers who sought inventory visibility and tracking on multiple platforms; a system that allowed them to list and manage seller inventory across different marketplaces.

After careful research on different omnichannel inventory management and reconciliation software, the 3PL company zeroed down on EasyEcom as their preferred partner to manage eCommerce operations. 

Emiza Highlights

EasyEcom has been working with several 3PL and 4PL businesses to streamline their operations across channels. Emiza wanted just that done for their business and for their sellers’ businesses as well.

  • With EasyEcom, the 3PL startup was able to provide their sellers with a centralized inventory management solution along with an advanced state-of-the-art WMS platform that allowed handling bulk orders and accounts reconciliation tracking. The platform seamlessly integrated with all the major sales channels where the 3PL company sellers could easily track and manage their products. 
  • With Easyecom, Emiza was efficiently running their entire network of warehouses while also helping their sellers to reduce their inventory cost by listing the same inventory across all the active channels. Furthermore, EasyEom enabled visibility into operations across all these warehouses for their team which created coordination among members.
  • EasyEcom implemented automated workflows that allowed the 3PL company to minimize pick-pack-ship errors. Additionally, EasyEcom also helped the brand achieve better QC reporting and efficient returns management which protected their profit margins to take any unnecessary hits. 
  • Facility management: EasyEcom dashboard allowed the warehousing company to set user roles and implement team control regulation. The 3PL company could give different levels of access to different team members based on their roles. These user roles include inventory inwarding, quality check, order processing access, etc. This helped them save a lot of communication time within the members of the organization and prevented any fulfillment delays.
  • Order Routing: The 3PL brand has a wide range of customers to deal with on a regular basis and that makes about hundreds and thousands of orders. EasyEcom implemented order routing that made the next-day delivery feasible. Order routing along with team control regulation helped Emiza with easy task delegation to different members across warehouses responsible for picking, packing, dispatching, distributing the orders. 
  • Visibility into metrics and Reporting: With EasyEcom’s advanced built-in data analytics, the 3PL startup got visibility into their most important metrics that allowed them to come up with top-notch decision-making strategies for a company. The sales and the margin reports further helped the company plan their business growth based on accurate data.

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