EasyEcom Transforms Dr. Vaidya’s Order Management Processes


The present-day Dr. Vaidya’s was set up by Arjun Vaidya, a Brown university graduate who comes from a long line of Ayurvedic health practitioners. Arjun’s vision of taking a 150-year rich family legacy online was realized after he saw how popular Yoga and Ayurveda were during his time in the United States. Today, Dr Vaidya’s is a proprietor of 100+ FDA approved medicinal formulations and earns an annual revenue that has crossed $800 million. Dr Vaidya’s was featured in the 2019 Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia List and Business World 40 U 40 lists in 2022.

Financial Reporting- the Challenge

As the nation’s preferred choice for traditional Ayurvedic formulations, Dr. Vaidya receives a considerable order volume which requires the team to have absolute visibility and accuracy over large volumes of sensitive data pertaining to SKUs, locations, customer details and marketplace transactions.  

Some challenges the finance and operations team jointly faced were

  1. Data consolidation , with the inability to extract data from tally concerning payments reconciliation, deductions and fees levied.
  2. The inability to match orders received to the ones readied for dispatch and delivered. 
  3. Having to constantly place status update requests to courier partners to understand fulfillment rates.
  4. Breaching SLA on account of the lack of a unified platform to track, manage and improve outwarding workflows for shipments.
Dr Vaidya's success takeaways

Order Management and Payments Reconciliation- The EasyEcom Solution

Dr. Vaidya came onboard EasyEcom in April 2021. Over the course of 7 months, they gained 100% visibility into a warehouse that got centralized, improving warehousing efficiency. Besides providing the team with the profitability summary necessary to track the company’s financial and operational performance, EasyEcom’s reports have been helpful in improving efficiency. 

With consolidated data, Dr.Vaidya’s benefitted from easy access and elevated decision-making capabilities leading to; 

  1. A simplified GST filing structure.
  2. 75% order fulfillment accuracy from streamlining order processing across picking,packing,shipping and delivery.
  3. 100% SLA adherence from accurate information captures on tax and category classification, value, promotional, period and payment discounts.
  4. Being able to determine profitability with sales channel-wise splits and maximize sales growth by 200% in 62 days.
  5. 90% customer retention and satisfaction thanks to an improved discount structure that captures discounts across all product categories for Amazon and Flipkart consumers. 

In the simple yet effective words of Rameshwar Saraswat who heads the Finance division;

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