Borosil Witnesses 40% MoM eCommerce growth with EasyEcom

About Borosil

(BGWL) is the market leader for laboratory glassware, microwavable kitchenware, and explosion-proof lighting systems in India as well as across the globe with a significant presence in the USA and the Netherlands. It was established in 1962 in collaboration with Corning Glass Works USA and is now headquartered in Mumbai. The company with its vast product portfolio caters to a large varied audience ranging from the education sector to industries in microbiology, biotechnology, photo printing, process systems to consumer kitchenware.

Dealing with the Complexities of High Order Volumes- The Borosil eCommerce Challenge 

Borosil got on the eCommerce bandwagon early in the game, realizing the importance of digital transformation. The management team launched the eStore brand along with the presence on Amazon to conquer the channel of online retail.

Within the first few months of the setup, the eCommerce channel fetched a large number of orders and the team was quick to realize the exacting nature of eCommerce as opposed to their traditional sales channels. It entailed cumbersome, time-consuming, and labor-intensive data sync between eCommerce channels and SAP environment via multiple spreadsheets repeatedly. The major challenges that the team faced included the following- 

  • Disconnected Systems-  Accurate inventory updation to each store was troublesome as the warehouse management system used didn't communicate with the online store channels.

  • Lackluster sales growth- The company warehouses still followed the wholesale fulfillment process built for traditional sales channels which does not work for a high number of single-unit orders in online sales and in turn hampered sales.

  • Sales Opportunity loss: Inventory inwarding and outwards were being done in a disconnected WMS causing the online portals to not be in sync. This led to “out of stock” situations and/or sales loss due to inventory unavailability. Not being able to plan for inventory replenishment for eCommerce business due to a disconnected SAP environment also caused regional warehouses to run out of inventory.

  • Low profitability: Invoices and credit notes automation for all the online channels including Amazon, Flipkart, and Brand store is a basic hygiene step, and the Borosil team was doing it manually, which was getting impossible with the volumes at hand.

  • Incomplete accounting leading to lack of compliance: Handling complex reconciliation for a large number of orders proved to be a deterrent for Borosil. Additionally, governing such tasks across different departments via spreadsheets proved to be quite challenging.

Implementing eCommerce Automation with Complete Supply Chain Management- The EasyEcom Solution

The IT teams at Borosil have been very accepting of adopting new technologies and were out in the market looking for an effective solution for quite some time. Easyecom, having catered to large-sized brands with similar issues, was the right choice for the job. Easyecom, after a thorough understanding of the issues, deployed the following features :

  • Centralized inventory management solution with advanced WMS capabilities required for eCommerce. The solution seamlessly integrates with major sales channels such as the Magento-powered brand website (, Amazon, Flipkart, etc.
  • Shipping Carrier Automation, based on priorities and assignment rules. It eased the operational challenge of manually assigning tracking numbers from different carriers based on deliverability.
  • Key features such as order routing based on inventory availability in regional warehouses and assignment priority for efficient and timely fulfillment. This solution completely removes the possibility of sales loss due to inventory stock out in one particular warehouse as the orders will automatically get routed to the next warehouse.
  • Automatic tracking of shipments and regular updates to customers. This is afforded by integration with major shipping carriers such as Bluedart, Delhivery, etc.
  • A completely automated push of all the Sales, Credit notes, and Payment Transactions fetched from online portals to SAP. 

Auto invoice knocking in SAP once the payment settlement is done by Amazon, Flipkart, etc. This ensures seamless reconciliation to identify unpaid or wrongly paid orders.

With 55% MoM topline growth from the eCommerce channel, Borosil saw a 60% reduction in time spent on inventory and order management during the peak seasons. ( i.e 9 hours a week to 2-3 hours). Additionally, the Shipping carrier automation based on priorities and assignment rules resulted in a 25% improvement in delivery SLA. 

Furthermore, seamless management of the warehouse by the operator in managing all the daily workflows related to packing, dispatching and invoicing without disturbing the SAP environment. Their workforce cost in the warehouse was reduced by around 33% to handle daily activities.

The automated sales invoice, credit notes, and payments sync to SAP via Easyecom’s solution completely eradicated the operations earlier performed via excel, resulting in a reduction in manual data entry errors and cost-cutting during the reconciliation process.


We started with Amazon about 5 years back in 2014 but had to shut down this venture shortly as it was becoming very difficult to maintain our books in SAP. We had a lot of pressure from the executive team to devise a solution. There was no quality platform available that could help us accomplish this goal. Internal SAP team tried to develop a custom solution but they didn’t have any eCommerce background and it ended up complicating the matter even further. 


EasyEcom’s professional and knowledgeable team did a great job in consulting us with the best practices to follow and we are happy that now we have a completely automatic solution for eCommerce that works seamlessly with SAP and across channels. We are planning for an international launch via eCommerce to US, UK and other parts of Europe and Middle East. Happy to have a partner like EasyEcom”.

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