Beardo Partners with EasyEcom for 10X Growth with Streamlined Supply Chain

Back in 2016, the men’s grooming market accounted for a mere INR 3,200 crore and in 2021, it’s already crossed a whopping INR 10,000 crore and Beardo is one of the most thriving brands attributing significantly to these figures. Beardo was conceived as a need to introduce products specifically catering to men taking care of their beards. As the company founder Priyank explains, it is not recommended to use regular oils or other grooming products for beard hair. 

The beard grooming industry boom is a global phenomenon. Brands like Men Rock, Billy Jealousy, and Murdock have quickly made their name in the international markets. In India, there are several brands that deal with men grooming products but Beardo has quickly earned its reputation as a household brand. The Beardo range of products includes Beardo Oil, Wash, Beard & Hair Growth Oil, Beardo Ultraglow, and Beardo Brick Soap, Beardo Moustache wax, etc.  Most of their products are made from natural ingredients and are manufactured considering a complete mustache and beard care in mind. 

The company recently roped in Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan and cricketer KL Rahul as its brand ambassador. In July 2020, FMCG major Marico acquired an additional 55 percent equity share in the men grooming startup’s parent company Zed Lifestyle.

The men grooming startup is fairly popular among the youth and the product demand for a brand like this calls for a properly organized system for inventory movement. Beardo had been using an in-house tool for inventory and order management but it had its limitations. Their system was handling inventory and managing order and distribution but the efficiency of their operations was far off from the industry standards. Beardo had been looking for a system that would streamline their practices as per industry standards and easily handle the management for orders from all channels across all locations.

Some of the critical eCommerce challenges that the brand was facing include the following:

No Stock Visibility: The brand had no visibility of their stocks as they were procured, maintained, and distributed. There was no real-time update on their listing and that made it difficult to keep track of their orders. 

Limited Warehouse Operations: The company was operating on one warehouse for all of their orders across the country. Order fulfillment and on-time delivery became an issue with just one warehouse. They were looking to expand their operations but did not have a system in place to handle the operations to manage multiple warehouses.

High Order Cancellations and Shipping Costs: Having one warehouse and not an inventory management system in place was costing Beardo with rising shipping costs and order cancellations. This, in turn, affected their customer retention and relationship. 

Unable to track returns and payments: The lack of a system that could give real-time updates on stock visibility and that or returns and payments was causing the company to take a massive hit on their profit margins. 

How EasyEcom Streamlined their eCommerce Operations

Beardo was on the lookout for an omnichannel inventory management system that could help streamline eCommerce business on all fronts including inventory control, order management, shipping fulfillment, and complete warehouse management. EasyEcom came up as a solid referral suggestion for a system that could deliver exactly that and more. Here’s how EasyEcom helped the grooming brand plan its eCommerce strategy better:

Multiple Warehouse Implementation: One of the most critical requirements for Beardo was the implementation of multiple warehouses to cater to their audience spread across all the locations. The company could not handle multiple warehouses with their in-house system and with EasyEcom they were able to smoothly carry out operations from all of them with complete stock visibility. 

Order Routing and Fulfillment from these Warehouses: After setting up regional warehouses, order routing based on inventory availability in regional warehouses and assignment priority for efficient and timely fulfillment was implemented. This solution completely removed the possibility of sales loss due to inventory stock out in one particular warehouse as the orders will automatically get routed to the next warehouse.

Centralized inventory management solution with advanced state-of-the-art WMS platform which has built-in provisions to handle orders in bulk orders along with features like accounts reconciliation tracking was readily available at the brand’s disposal. 

Real-time Stock Update: One of the major problems that EasyEcom was able to solve for Beardo was the real-time stock update and complete inventory visibility. The orders started coming through our system and it became easier to manage and keep track of them.

Shipping carrier automation and management based on priorities and payment modes made the fulfillment process easier for the Beardo team. This not only smoothened the operational challenge of manually assigning tracking numbers from different carriers but also drove customer satisfaction. The real-time shipment tracking allowed the end customers to have status updates of their shipments, thus increasing brand loyalty.


  • 150% growth in order volumes
  • 72% reduction in delivery lead times
  • 34% saving in the shipping cost
  • 25% reduction in order cancellation

What Beardo has to Say:

In the words of Nitin from Beardo, “We had been using an in-house tool and were mostly oblivious to our stock updates, and our processes were not aligned with that of the industry. EasyEcom gave us complete visibility on our inventory and overall eCommerce operations. EasyEcom helped us with multiple warehouses implementation and thanks to their system, we are able to carry out all our warehouse operations smoothly. With EasyEcom, we don’t have to worry about looking for individual resources for different eCommerce operations as everything is available and managed in the backdrop and we can just focus on scaling our business growth.” 

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