How a leading haircare brand, Anveya's omnichannel sales grew 3.5x MoM in 18 Months‍

About the Company

Anveya Living Pvt Ltd is a personal beauty and haircare brand that was founded in 2018 by Vivek Singh and Saurav Patnaik, two spirited entrepreneurs with a shared vision for positive affirmation, which is what they decided to name their company. Anveya’s products are built on the basis of preserving natural purity and promoting conscious, healthy and eco-friendly living.

The Anveya living blog comprises wellness tips and DIY recipes for hair and skin care.

The Challenges of Driving and Raising Order Fulfillment Rates

Anveya processes omnichannel orders across its offline stores, website and marketing services. It operates on a third party multi-warehouse model which involves a central warehouse for B2B and marketplace orders in Gurugram, which has since expanded to Kolkata and Bengaluru. The company uses Holisol and Emeza owned-warehouses to stock their products which are fulfilled by Amazon’s FBA services for quicker and wider reachability.

Anveya’s primary challenge stemmed from the absence of a configurable, personalized system that could handle the entire scope of business operations. The need of the hour was a fully automated inventory management system that could provide granularity into the company’s inventory health, stock availability and shipment status all in one place.  Orders could not be consolidated into a single data report due to which the operations and supply chain management team were unable to -

  1. Embed newer and operations-specific configurations on request.
  2. Confirm delivery of goods and receipt of the same with accurate GRN reports.
  3. Maximize stock presence and grow sales digitally.
  4. Understand where to make inventory adjustments.
  5. Confirm location-wise stock availability to meet seasonal demand.

How EasyEcom helped boost omnichannel sales 

Having previously used WMS and OMS separately, what decided Anveya to come onboard EasyEcom was the integrated capabilities of warehousing and order management in addition to the granularity offered by the reporting analytics. The sales report, in particular, helped Anveya to identify sales and orders received for a predefined time duration.

With EasyEcom, Anveya Living was able to-

  • Leverage inventory planning reports to increase inventory count by 48.14% for seasonal goods.
  • Achieve a 120% sales growth YoY with multi-channel listings that could generate channel-wise sales performance.
  • Update inventory status in real-time 
  • Store inventory at single SKU levels from which virtual combos could be created using the kitting facility. 
  • Plan out the inventory better with combo reports that update the current inventory available. 
  • Grow their order volume 5x from Q1 2021 v Q3 2022.
  • Reach 100% order fulfillment rates within 95 days by kitting inventory stored at individual SKU levels. 

As Tilak Sharma, supply chain manager puts it,

“ Many of EasyEcom’s features were already in place at a time when eCommerce enablement was at  its nascent stage. Presently, about 15 of us are active users. And what I liked best was the team’s solutioning approach to build a system that offered stability while processing heavy volumes of data.  ~95% of the system tests well in user acceptance, system usage and quality compliance, making it a software for eCommerce sellers whose order and sales volume both experience surges in line with seasonal demand!” 

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