How Almo Wear’s Retail Sales Catapulted 2.5x in 14 Months

About Almo

Almo is a Direct-To-Consumer menswear brand that runs on the pillars of style, panache, comfort and sustainability. 

Almo was founded in 2021 by Kshitij Ladia,Abhishek Shah, Muskaan Jain and Chaavi Bharadwaj, whose collective 10+ years’ of prior experience in fashion retailing and healthcare have helped to pivot Almo to become a celebrated and trusted brand in less than 24 months from its launch date. 

Kshitij and Abhishek additionally hold the distinction of being D2C Insider’s founding members, a community comprising 2000+ strong DTC brand founders, enablers and investors. 

 Boasting 3000+ products across loungewear, innerwear, winter wear and topwear, Almo prides itself on designs that are environmentally-conscious without compromising on the wearer’s comfort.Being digital-first and customer-centric, Almo’s manifesto intends to pivot it towards an evolved  ,multi-category house of brands for men’s essentials. 

The Challenge- Absence of a Centralized eCommerce System

The Almo Founders’ prior know-how and experience in eCommerce helped them identify that the absence of a channel integrator would delay the brand’s expansion and growth plans.

For a young brand  throwing itself into a market teeming with ferocious competition, Almo lacked a system that could combine order management, warehouse management and courier partners for fulfillment and timely delivery. Their operations team was on the lookout for a platform that could 

  1. Provide unconditional visibility over inventory and warehouse movements.
  2. Process heavy loads and retain its robustness, security and stability in line with order volume increases.
  3. Generate accurate reporting analytics on inventory, order and warehouse health.
  4. Produce error-free warehousing bills and optimize storage costs.
  5. Process and track RTO and customer-initiated returns.
  6. Notify warehouse teams of returned items by date, order invoice, location and customer details. 

How EasyEcom’s Order Processing Capabilities Maximized Native Sales

Almo predominantly sells via its native D2C website and across 8+ marketplaces such as Flipkart, Myntra and Amazon which are routed through the EasyEcom system. Their warehouses, managed by 3PL vendors, are spread across Mumbai, New Delhi and Bengaluru with ShipRocket and Delhivery taking end-to-end ownership of logistics fulfillment.

What convinced the Almo team to move their core of inventory and orders to the EasyEcom platform was the centralized dashboard that simplified multi-channel inventory updation and proliferated sales. Through EasyEcom, Almo was able to 

  1. Process ~20-25K orders Month-on-Month
  2. Grow revenue 2.5x times in FY22 Q3 versus FY21 Q2.
  3. Optimize the forward flow of inventory health by ~99.78% with 99% precision in performing inventory cycle counts.
  4. Adjust inventory against updated stock availability and maximize SKU visibility across multiple sales channels.
  5. Improve YoY sales performance by ~81%
  6. Minimize warehousing billing errors and save storage costs by 66% through daily inventory snapshots.

As Kshitij Ladia, COO and Co-founder testifies,


What made Almo move our entire inventory and orders on EasyEcom was the proactive and supportive team behind the platform. The solutioning provided to us on several occasions gave us confidence and left us feeling reassured that we’re in good hands. With respect to query resolution, I find it easy to reach out and huddle with the tech team who respond swiftly and correctly, thereby helping us get back on track in record time. The forward flow works extremely well, and the trainings scheduled to better our platform knowledge have even enabled us to close gaps in the reverse flow regarding returned orders. Team Almo and I give EasyEcom a 10/10 and would certainly recommend the system to D2C brands who wish experience the tremendous efficiency growth that we ourselves are experiencing presently!” 

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