It is 2020 and the mainstream of shopping is changing. No longer do we associate with brands based on just their aesthetic. Customers are now looking for a personal connection with brands. They pick the ones that align with their own values. Brands aren’t intangible anymore. Rather, they are perceived as a person and sustainability is one of the most important attributes that is looked for.

Being sustainable is definitely not easy for brands. It means more expensive, hard-to-source raw materials, higher manufacturing costs and ultimately, higher selling prices. But brands that are true to their values eventually find their audience. According to a study by Unilever in 2017, 33% of consumers worldwide are willing to purchase products and services from companies that they believe have a positive social and environmental impact. Here is a list of Indian homegrown brands that are truly sustainable:

Juicy Chemistry

Juicy Chemistry was born out of a hunt for skin care products that were as organic and natural in their ingredients as they said they were on the label! Founded in 2014, the brand focuses on sourcing the purest natural ingredients rich in nutrients, to formulate effective skin-care. They believe that nature has the answer to healthy skin. 

Source: The Lifestyle Portal

Sustainability is at the heart of Juicy Chemistry. Every action they take is carefully calculated in order to have the least impact on the environment. Starting from their ingredients that are sulphate, phthalate and paraben free and cause no damage to waterways marine life, to their strict policy against animal testing, they ensure that the environment is as important as the product itself. All of Juicy Chemistry’s packaging is made of recycled and recyclable material and they also reward customers that send the packaging back to them for recycling.

The brand is aware of the trade-offs that they have to make in order to comply with their fully organic approach- the lack of preservatives reduces their products’ shelf life and they are okay with that. Juicy Chemistry is also one of the few Indian brands to have their complete range certified organic by ECOCERT.


When it comes to sustainable fashion, Seamsfriendly is breaking boundaries in practising it – A slow fashion brand that promotes conscious consumption in this consumerist society; A body positive brand that makes for all body types and a brand that is sustainable by design with timeless classic pieces that will never go out of fashion.

Source: Seamsfreindly on Twitter

Seamsfriendly is changing the face of ready-to-wear so that they don’t have to waste ANY clothing. They make on order and ensure that every year, they have zero unsold inventory. Their garment makers are reimbursed fairly and they are dead against child labour. All the textiles they use are natural so marine microplastics are out of the question. If this wasn’t enough, their raw materials and talent are sourced locally in order to lower their carbon footprint.

If all fashion brands put in even 10% of the effort that they do to be sustainable, fashion wouldn’t be the most polluting industry!


When traditional Ayurveda is combined with modern skin-care, a brand like SoulTree is born.

Soultree cosmetics
Source: SoulTree Cosmetics

SoulTree uses traditional ayurvedic recipes to create natural beauty and skin care products that are healthy, effective and rich in nutrients. The brand not only focuses on the efficiency of the product but also on the impact they have on the environment and the local farmer communities. Their raw materials are organically grown, sourced from farmers that harvest ethically with the intention of regenerating forests and preventing exploitation of land.

The end product is free of any petroleum-based ingredients, artificial fragrances and colours. To validate that, they are also ‘Certified Natural’ by German standards. 

The Moms Co

The Moms Co is a personal care brand designed for mothers-to-be, mothers and babies; A brand that makes products that are natural, safe and effective. 

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Source: The Moms Co

The Moms Co uses only the best natural raw materials certified to meet international standards of quality. Their products are non-irritant and it is said that if a product is toxin free on your skin, it’s toxin free in the environment too. Non-toxic ingredients are much less harmful to marine life and natural water bodies.

Products aside, the brand also incorporates sustainable practises at a branding level. They are against animal testing and recycle all their plastic too. 


The taboo surrounding menstruation and feminine hygiene in India is not unheard of. A study showed the 60% of women diagnosed with reproductive tract infections showed poor menstrual hygiene. Sanfe is a one-of-a-kind brand aiming to tackle just that. 

STANDUPFORYOURSELF | IIT Delhi Students Launch SANFE | Sanitation ...
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Worldwide, menstrual waste is the most badly managed waste. Feminine hygiene products like sanitary pads accumulate in landfills for years, each pad being the equivalent of 4 plastic bags, taking up to 800 years to fully decompose. Sanfe uses biodegradable materials like bamboo to make sanitary napkins. They also have menstrual cups, a growingly popular sustainable option for women.

Sanfe aims at normalising period talk, making menstrual hygiene accessible and giving alternate options to extremely polluting conventional feminine hygiene products.

Blackbaza coffee

Very rarely do brands make products that prioritize the well-being of the supplier over their own. Blackbaza is one of them- A coffee brand whose sole purpose is to enable coffee-growers to secure a stable livelihood. 

How Black Baza Is Championing Fair Trade Practices Within The ...
Source: Verve

What is special about the brand is that the coffee growers grow their produce under the canopy for forest trees. This way, there is minimum encroachment on natural resources. The coffee plantations are also free of pesticides and use the least possible amount of chemical fertilizers too. What’s interesting is that one can trace back each and every cup of coffee to the farm that produced it which means complete transparency, a trait that we are all seeking in the brands we associate with today. Besides the product, they also work towards sustainability through other aspects such as their packaging that is fully biodegradable.

Progress cannot be assured if it’s not measured. Blackbaza coffee is attempting to monitor the impact of their involvement in the lives of the coffee growers and the biodiversity around them. This shows their dedication in pursuing the change.

With this blog, we want to show you that there is no dearth of exceptional Indian brands in all product categories. We hope that this Environment Day, with us, you will promise to try your best to use more homegrown brands that make a difference to the environment, to vulnerable communities and to your overall health. 

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